The root of the inner "research" already contains our whole human potential, we all have the ability to get very deeply into contact with our Being by simple means, if we know how.

I offer this space. A space in which insights can be felt and individual aspects of our human essence emerge. Awareness arises naturally, if we allow it. Spirituality without complicated rituals, without a belief system, without trance-states or long meditation practice. Presence is the access. An access to oneself in which you can rediscover a gateway to the ease of life with a bit of curiosity, openness and above all, the aspect of

In the past few months I have started to cast the trainings of the past 10 years in an altered form. So that no longer merely a lecture should pass on knowledge, but rather that we as a group, and everyone for oneself, bring awareness to a certain area of ​​life.

One of the tools are clear in-depth questions, in a playful ping-pong format, paired with body-language. Somatic - Dialog Inquiry

We work (without addressing it directly) with the three main energy centers head-heart-belly. In this connection we use our body perception (felt sense) in combination with transpersonal questioning techniques to make deeper layers of consciousness accessible. Most of what we have learned goes like this: thinking then acting (head); instead of feeling (heart - belly) and acting accordingly. By exploring somatically and mentally at the same time, we will start a process of “experience” rather then only thinking.