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What ist Qi | Chi? 氣 / 气

Energy, breath, fluid, steam, ether as well as temperament, power or atmosphere. In addition, Qi describes the emotions of people and, according to the modern Daoist view, also stands for the activity of the neurohormonal system.

This training gives a little taste of how to find the entrance to a deeper perception of the self, through the energetic flow in our system. The practice i offer here is a mixture between silent Qi-Gong | Nei Gong | in depth, it is the cultivation of the heart.

Selfregulation happens naturally when we become aware of the subtile flow of Qi. It is energetic medicine. The inner system is able to regulate itself, when we let it. We will set focus on working with the spine and spiral movements in connection with the kidney´s.

A gentle aliveness will arise - slow, deep and rooted.

The whole training will be led in a meditative state. Apart from theory and sharings, there will be little talking. We will work mainly seated, (lying or standing positions might be added). We will learn how to feel and guide Qi through the body and connect different body areas - simply by being aware of it.

The content adapts process-oriented to the group to create a deep grounding experience.

Please bring a wool blanket and a water bottle. The course is open to everyone. No previous knowledge or certain requirements are neccessary.

Looking forward to meet you.

Priceorientation: 65 sfr. including lunch-break with organic veggi soup (if money is an issue, please feel free to contact me)

Date: 10.10.20
Time: 9.30 - 14.00

Atelier Goldbrunnen
Birmensdorferstr. 272
8055 Zürich